The Symposium has a general cost of 300$ per person. This cost includes Access to the Symposium, materials , lunch and coffee-breaks. However it does not include accommodation or transport. It is the responsibility of each person to organise their own tranpsort and accommodation if you are not a native Costa Rican (To make a reservation at  the Wyndham San Jose Herradura Hotel, click here)

Your registration will be completed, once you will have complete the registration form and  will have received the confirmation letter.

Please note that your registration will not be officially completed simply by paying. As you must complete the registartion form and receive the confirmation letter.

If you belong to a religious order in Costa Rica, are part of the clergy  or a student, teacher or an oficial of the Universidad Católica de Costa Rica, you should register on the premise of the Univeristy through its campuses.

For any questions regarding the process of registration, please send us a message through